What is “ARTARIA”?

by Raven Kane

“Reinvention is the only option.”

Composer/Author Raven Kane's musical, ARTARIA ("Song of Art") is

loosely based on her own experience growing up outside a steel town

where she and her ballet and rocker friends merged and explored creating

art inspired by Beethoven, Patti Smith, Balanchine and Richard Rodgers.

The score is a blend of classical, Broadway and rock music given its own

distinct voice by multi-platinum award winning arranger, David Campbell

(Spider Man: Turn Off the Dark) It was directed by Johanna McKeon

(Assoc Dir. American Idiot; Grey Gardens; Rent) in a staged reading

production at the Baruch Theatre in NYC in 2011 - General Manager, Seth

Goldstein, DR Theatrical Management.

I spent quite a long time researching what happened to lay waste to our

country's industry and it acts as a back drop for the real story - a love story

about the power of art and love, which gives us the courage and inspiration

to reinvent ourselves and rise above.

Growing up with the mills as my backdrop, I saw the devastation as they

were closed down and Gary, Detroit, and parts of Ohio became a

wasteland. But there is rebirth happening in many of those cities now - and

that is at the theme of my musical. "Reinvention is the only option." I grew

up with Beethoven, Patti Smith, Richard Rodgers and Balanchine as my

heroes - odd mixture but true. I was a classical pianist/violinist gone punk

rocker in the late 70's. And that is the influence on the score which has

already had two symphonic debuts with the Baltimore Symphony and at the

Hollywood Bowl.

Put some crazy ass performance artists into a steel town, mix them in with

blue collar steel workers led by a steel worker/classical composer and

some hard nosed corporate "suits" who are closing everything down and

see how the tango plays its way out with a very surprising ending. All

loosely based on a true story.